Drive for DoorDash | Is DoorDash Worth it For Driver? 2020

If you are looking for a part-time job and want to make money without 9-5 jobs, then drive for Doordash may be the best option you need to look into.

But maybe wondering how a driver makes money and how many deliver needs to be done to get more money.

What I had discovered:

Dasher earns money through company base pay, promotion, and tip.

After delivering the food at the customer address, the dasher earns money, and it will transfer to their bank account on Monday and deposits on Wednesday.

However, sometimes it gets delayed due to holiday or technical issues, but this is a rare case.

But the story doesn’t end here many things happen during the delivery such as expenses, how you get paid, what if you didn’t receive the order, what is base pay, tips, and promotion.

Doordash reviews keep changing with a different individual, and some of them are happy while some of them are struggling to make money. Drive for Doordash is not everyone’s cup of tea.

source: (Indeed)

Every company has pros and cons, so does Doordash, and I am going to share the reviews as per dasher perspective.

It is a fabulous source of earning money due to safety and flexibility in time.

Do not want to drive for Doordash? Consider UberEats!

UberEats is considered as the best alternative to Doordash.

UberEats does pay well compared to Doordash. 

I have written the complete guide of becoming an UberEats driver, and you need to sign up as a driver but read the guide before joining.

drive for doordash

There is no shortage of delivery jobs in the USA. All you need is a smartphone to connect with customers and vehicles to deliver the food.

How does Doordash Dasher get paid?

The gig economy is growing now.

And everything is going to the online platform, delivering food to cutting grass for someone else.

It won’t stop, everyone tries to make money by renting or by giving service, there are some best examples of sharing economy, check and see if you are fit in any of the lists.

Over time, the gig economy has evolved drastically, from giving a massage service to ridesharing service, it has been changing over the years, and more people move to the gig working as they feel superior and flexible while working.

No one can give the accurate figure of the dasher, and this is a little bit of a mystery in the gig economy industry.

If you ask me how much Airbnb hosts make, and Uber drivers, I would say I have no idea because these things depend on how many guests liked the service, house, and maintenance.

Officially Doordash says, the longer you work, the more money you earn, and as per a report, Dasher makes 15-25 dollars per hour plus incentives and offers.

Delivery also depends on the area you covered, sometimes what happens, one dasher receives a hell lot of orders, while others struggle to meet the daily orders, and work more than expected hour

(Glass door report)

Doordash Earning

Doordash Driver Pay Structure

Doordash keeps themselves transparent and fair toward the dasher for every delivery.

There are ample numbers of factors that decide the total earnings of the day. We need to take a reconsideration to all those factors:

  • Base pay covered the time, distance desirability of the order.
  • Delivery done during the peak hour and Dasher have a good time to meet the daily goals.
  • Dasher gets a tip after the delivery, tips depend on customers, how much they pay for the service.

There are three main sources of income of dasher is Base Pay, Promotions, and Tips.

We need to discuss each one of them individually;

Doordash base pay, promotions and tip
Image Credit: Doordash

Base Pay:

Base pay is the contribution of Doordash to the dasher.

There is a range of $2-10+ estimated for each delivery, and it increases depending on distance, time, and desirability.

When dasher decides to travel a long distance to deliver the food and will work for a long time that is less popular with Doordash are base pay.


During peak time, Dashers has an opportunity to achieve the goals and earn extra money through peak pay and challenge bonuses.

Doordash supports the active dasher during peak time and pays extra money to every delivery.


Every dollar tip goes into the dasher pocket, and the Dasher earns a tip after or before the delivery, and it is shown on the breakdown of payment.

There is a different earning tip, and I had covered the Uber Tip for the cab driver, and I was happy with the result from my reader.

Drive for doordash has perks, you can try and earn a tip, and it also helps you to maintain the rating, and at least 3-4 points will surely guide toward the handsome tip.

Does Doordash take out taxes for its employees?

The more money you invest while delivering the food, the less you need to pay.

You can drive for Doordash and easily track down your income and money that you have spent during delivery.

And you know, the more deductions(mileage, hots bags, etc) amount you show in your document, the less money you will pay in taxes.

Doordash cannot provide you the tax advice, and many articles covered this topic and I suggest contacting experts regarding the tax deduction, please advice from the experienced person or accountant.

If you make more than $600 per tax year, they’ll send you a 1099-MISC tax form. This is a standard tax form for contract workers.

Is DoorDash Worth it For Drivers if we consider the expenses of a Dasher?

Doordash is an amazing company to work with and the company you are in, boss.

It meant it.

Doordash promo code

A side hustle is a wonderful source of income for college students.

Flexibility is the priority for Dasher, they come online whenever they want and go offline whenever they want.

You can start at any hour of the day, and pick up the food at any time and do not come with hidden terms and conditions.

As long as you are delivering the food on time, you are your own boss in every possible imaginable way.

A little complaint I had is about customer service and expenses.

The expense plays a crucial role in our earning, and the main factor of earning because we are an independent contractor so we need frequent traveling through vehicles.

When you consider driving for Doordash,  one thing to keep in mind is Dasher expenses.

Unfortunately, they do not pay anything to Dasher for;

  • Mileage
  • Gas
  • Insurance
  • Auto Insurance


If you want to drive for Doordash, mileage is one of the biggest factors.

Maintenance charge and other related damage, you have a cover with your own pocket.

From traveling to pick up points to the customer address, keep tracking mileage so that you can save money.

Gas Costs

The Independent contractor’s biggest concern is the prices of gas because the gas price is inversely proportional to the earnings.

When the gas price increased, the earnings of Dashers decreased and it always remains a big problem as a frequent driver who needs to travel daily to deliver.

What are the customers thinking about Doordash?

If we consider the market, after UberEats, Doordash is the biggest giant company in the food delivery industry.

Doordash is no longer behind from competitors,to attract customers with coupons, and promo code.

Is is worth it to drive for doordash

And, do you know Doordash Dashpass is the first food company to come with subscription plans for the customer.

Scroll the Doordash, and you will find a variety of restaurants at one place and order it, soon dashers come at your address to deliver the food on time.

DoorDash Direct Deposit

Dasher receives the payment into the bank account weekly and before that, they need to set up the bank detail into their account.

Dasher gets paid on Wednesday evening directly to the bank account.

Once they have done, they can receive the payment directly to the bank account.

What is Fast Pay?

Fast pay allowed the Dasher to cash out earning at any time, any days with the transaction fee of $1.99.

Drivers can cash out earnings rather than waiting for their weekly deposits.

You must have a debit card to use the fast pay service.

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