Doordash Dashpass Offer For Chase Sapphire Users

Doordash subscription works like any other subscription features in other apps.

Doordash pass is also known as Dash pass.

In simple terms, it does not allow the users to pay for the delivery fee if the order is equal to $12 or more.

If you are using the Doordash regularly, then the subscription is especially for you, the one advantage you can have is that you can cancel the subscription anytime.

However, every cancellation system has its terms, and regulations so the Doordash dash pass.

Dashpass costs $9.99 for one month, it only makes sense to subscribe if you are frequently ordering food on Doordash, otherwise, leave it or cook meals at your home.

More About DoorDash DashPass 

Doordash has the vision to think out of the box and came up with the idea of a dash pass.

You might be wondering if a subscription is not a new feature to any application.

Early 2020 Spring season, the entire world facing the covid 19 outbreak, and making more orders through Doordash due to free delivery policy, and on the other hand, competitors like Postmate and Grubhub recently come with the idea of subscription.

DashPass feature introduced in 2018 and Doordash was the first food delivery service that put the free delivery service for the special or regular customer.

Recently Grubhub launched Grubhub+ and Postmates launched Postmates unlimited and has a feature as DashPass.

Why Should I Choose Doordash?

Monthly subscription policy costs approximately $9.99, and if you can see the savings by calculating, then you come to know that the average person is saving about $200 a year.

The calculation, and saving solely based on my experience I ordered about 2 to 3 times in a week from Doordash, and every time I have to pay about $3-$4 for each delivery, and after subscription, it helps me to save $3 per delivery, and $20 a month.

That sounds not very much, but saving is saving, if you are curious, and wanna save money from DashPass I will guide towards the step by step tutorial of buying dashpass.

Free Dashpass for Chase Sapphire Card Holdings

Getting a DashPass is a simple step you require to follow the certain instruction

  1. Download the Doordash application from iOS AppStore or Android google play store.
  2. Install the app.
  3. You will find the Dashpass option at the left top of the app
  4. Click on activate the Dashpass.
  5. Follow the instructions and sign up for a cost of $9.99.

Doordash partners with Chase Sapphire Card, Freedom, and Slate, a type of credit card, to have a free Dash Pass for two


Put the card details to activate the offer and make payment through those card numbers and by default they identify the card, and your delivery fee will not be deducted, and your delivery fee will cost you zero.

The official Dorrdash stated if you are eligible for the offer and by default, your offer is active despite, make sure you check it before placing the order.

DashPass Terms and Conditions

Doordash Dashpass For Chase Sapphire Users

DashPass does not apply to the entire restaurant in the United States.

Selective restaurants are allowed to provide free delivery through DashPass.

That does not mean Doordas is making us fool if you cannot make an order through your favorite restaurants.

However, you will find a major restaurant such as White Castle, Chipotle, Chick-Fil-A, Fat Philly’s, Wendy’s, and the California Pizza Kitchen.

There are many more eateries that allow Dashpass holders to have a free delivery, and you find many more favorite restaurants.

Doordash has a world-wide large platform, and there are many offers, and the Doordash coupon and gift card helps you to save on food ordering.

How do I cancel my DashPass subscription?

Unlike the chase sapphire credit cardholder, you can have a choice to cancel the Dashpass or renew it. However, those who are using the Chase Sapphire credit card don’t need to do anything because Doordash has partnered with those credit card companies.

  1. You can cancel the DashPass subscription anytime using the Doordash app or website.
  2. Login into Doordash
  3. Click on the account tab icon
  4. Magane Dashpass
  5. Click on “End Subscription”

You can also end the through the website

  1. Login into the Doordash account
  2. Select the menu icon present at the top of the corner
  3. Select Dashpass and click on “End Subscription”
  4. Confirm it by tapping on “End subscription on the next page

You can cancel the subscription anytime, I would like to highlight one point that you must cancel the subscription before the scheduled the next renewal date to avoid getting charged for the next subscription period.

For example, your renewal date is August 10 then you need to cancel the subscription before August 9, 11.59 pm to avoid getting paid.

However, if you cancel before the renewal date you can still have DashPass benefit through the current billing period.


Dashpass can be a great source of little money, and the concept of free delivery entirely makes sense for frequent users and everything up to you. Occasional users won’t save much from DashPass.

I would like to add more points, and views those who used the dashPass, and tell us what do you think about the dashPass?

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