Does Lyft Take Cash in United States?

Cash used to be the king of payment – but today the topic is does Lyft take cash from customers?.

When the internet was not there, many parts of the world didn’t trust online payment or credit/debit card.

Things have changed so far – you will find only payment modes like debit/credit card or other online forms of payment for online transactions.

If we take the example of Uber, they don’t accept cash in most countries, and customers do not need to worry about carrying cash and having the right change for them.

Uber gives the cashless experience to the customer – you just need to add valid debit/credit, and you are set to go for the ride with an Uber promo code.

Not everyone is comfortable with paying debit/credit – check our analysis cash is the most preferred mode of payment in the world for Uber.

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Does Lyft Take Cash?

Lyft provides a cashless experience in the U.S.A and some parts of Canada.

You are allowed to pay in cash to a Lyft driver after the trip.

You can add money to the Lyft app by using a debit/credit card.

That is called Lyft cash.

You can pay for your trip through Lyft cash, but not in Canada.

Lyft cash is an additional mode of payment in the Lyft app – you can set up Lyft cash after adding funds through debit and credit card for immediate use.

Just add the money with a card or gift card and use it for your next trip.

How to Add Lyft Cash in account?

You can easily add Lyft cash by following the below instruction, 

you can also add the retailer gift card

  1. Tap the menu icon present at the top left corner of the Lyft home screen.
  2. Select the ‘Payment’ tab
  3. Tap the Gift card icon
  4. Enter the gift card alphanumeric gift code and PIN
  5. Your gift card balance will be added to your Lyft Cash – that’s it!

Why doesn’t Lyft Accept Cash?

A driver is not allowed to accept the cash- consumers can pay their credit card bill after one month, you can take the ride, reach the location, give a rating, add tips, and you can through credit or debit card.

If the driver taking cash, Lyft and Uber consider it is fake, and the driver performing illegal commercial transportation service.

You can pay the Lyft driver via debit card, credit card, Android Pay, Apple Pay, or PayPal by choosing in the app before the trip, and we can also use the Lyft promo code to get the discount.

Cash practice is against the Lyft contract.

How to become a Lyft Driver?

Everything you should know about the Lyft driver requirements and check do you fit in every condition because if you fail, then you have to wait six months to re-apply.

Become Lyft Driver


Lyft is a cashless experience, one or another way you have to make an online transaction – Lyft cash worked in the same way.

Uber cash system is only available in a few countries like India and South Africa, where you can make cash payments.

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