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Uber Contact Number

Uber is a billion-dollar company, and everybody knows. Uber support teams are always ready to help the riders as well as a driver regardless of the situation. There are way that we can get the Uber Contact Number. There are several methods we can get in touch with the Uber support team, such as call, … Read more

7 Ways to Make Money from Sharing Economy

Grubhub Tipping

The sharing economy platform is growing consistently and more development and opportunity you will find in the upcoming year. A giant player like Uber and Airbnb offers more value to their customer, which is leading to success and effectiveness in the field of peer sharing industry. There are multiple sharing economy examples are there, where … Read more

Uber Tipping| Do you Tip Uber Drivers?


Uber tipping for the service is not mandatory for everyone or any country. Many countries in the world do not follow the tradition of tipping at the end of service. People’s mindset are different while paying money to the driver/waitress/bell boys, some of them give a tip by admiring service while some of them pay … Read more