How to Deal With Odd Uber Text Codes

What is an Uber Text Code? Verification code sent to users or riders to confirm the first stage of identity.  Inbox message sent to confirm users. Almost every application, including Uber, verifies via text whether the user/rider is reliable or if the number is fraud. In many applications, email verification is additionally done to verify … Read more

Uber Tipping| Do you Tip Uber Drivers?


Uber tipping for the service is not mandatory for everyone or any country. Many countries in the world do not follow the tradition of tipping at the end of service. People’s mindset are different while paying money to the driver/waitress/bell boys, some of them give a tip by admiring service while some of them pay … Read more

Uber Boston |Drive in Boston| Complete Guide |

Uber Boston

Uber Boston Services and Prices Uber Boston offers ample of services and driver job opportunities in Boston. UberX (a friendly budget service and have a widely accepted by the passenger, you can say one of the best services in uber car collection) UberXL (upgraded version of UberX and can fit six passengers) UberBLACK (a luxurious … Read more