7 Ways to Make Money from Sharing Economy

The sharing economy platform is growing consistently and more development and opportunity you will find in the upcoming year.

A giant player like Uber and Airbnb offers more value to their customer, which is leading to success and effectiveness in the field of peer sharing industry.

There are multiple sharing economy examples are there, where you could master of yourself. Let dig little deeper.

Three years back,

I was wondering if I was ever able to create passive income in my life because straight, I am not good at anything and don’t have the skills to sell and earn money online or offline.

This question comes into mind too, but the answer hardly pleases you and helps you to make money online or offline.

Today, in this topic I am going to list the industries where you can earn passive income through collaborative consumption.

Is Sharing Economy the Future?

#1: Rent Your Apartment

Accuracy and maintenance for their guests is the core value of Airbnb. It’s more about feeling like a home in someone’s apartment.

If you are a host, you may find it difficult earlier for making perfect arrangements for unknown people, but it soothes and helps you develop in interaction and social communication.

sharing economy examples

If you are a guest, prepare yourself for the adventure trip of Europe, you will find a variety of renting places that soothe your mind and help to discover new places.

Make money as a Host in Airbnb by renting the empty apartment to your guest and make sure to create good bonding and service so that they would like to come back to your place.

#2: Become a Rideshare Driver

The idea of sharing economy is, to begin with, Uber and the rest of them modify the version of Uber.

Become a Uber/Lyft Driver

sharing economy examples

The core idea of peer to peer sharing of 20% of your income is coming after Uber.

Unemployed people and students are the ones who make most of Uber, and many drivers are also making money by driving passively and while learning.

Students and drivers can have a great career in Uber and other alternative services such as Lyft and earn passive income while doing other work.

Flexibility is the key for drivers to drive for Uber, and you can drive if you want and you don’t want to drive then take a break and drive after some time.

Depending on the schedules you can manage and earn money on Uber and Lyft.

However, the rider has the opportunity to use uber Houston promo codes to get a discount to any part of the USA.

#3: Rent Your Jewellery

sharing economy examples

You have a piece of jewelry in your secret vault and no one shows interest in wearing or didn’t get the proper occasion of using them then you can earn money by renting the jewelry.

The Folly Boutique allows the jewelry keeper to rent their jewelry and earn money with it. The idea is simple and great, keeping the jewelry in a vault does not gonna benefit you, but renting out to someone who needs it, helps to earn extra money.

Folly Boutiques is a place mainly for the bride to find something for her wedding or anniversary.

The place showcases a huge collection of jewelry where people rent the best collection of jewelry from their vault.

They are ready to share it, and charge money so that their business rises and they can make extra cash from it.

#4: Parking Space

sharing economy examples

It may sound weird to someone, and may think this is a not good idea of renting a space for parking?

However, this idea is highly encouraged by the people and the result is pretty good.

Those who are away from home and couldn’t find the parking space to park their vehicle choose ParqEx to find the nearest parking spot for the vehicle.

So, if you are stuck somewhere and want to walk to view the nearest local area, use the ParqEx to find the number of spots for the vehicle and safely park it.

#5: Education

sharing economy examples

Udemy is the platform which permits the teacher to make an online video of learning for a particular subject, and students are supposed to buy it and learn from it.

To make the platform more best, teachers keep the content updated, and answer quickly to the student’s question.

So, if you are a teacher or hold a specialty on something that you want to teach the world, then Udemy is the best platform for advertising yourself.

Udemy teachers are experienced, and special in their field, skills are the best thing one could have.

Earn money from something that you are doing daily,  start your little online school and earn money from it.

#6: Buy, Sell and Swap

sharing economy examples

Swap mamas have a collection of second-hand clothing.

It sounds weird to sell your wearing clothes to someone else and who wants to wear it- such a question clicked in our mind.

Some people want to buy and want to give the trial of new dresses, and they like your attire and want to wear it on occasion.

Business is simple, those costumes are there in your wardrobe for a long time, and that is the time to sell it or swap it.

Kitchen hardware and clothes you made with your hands you can sell there too.

Everything has a sales tag, if you know how to apply the formula of sales and earn money from it.

#7: Niche and Digital Services

sharing economy examples

Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer are the platforms that exist for people who want to offer services, digitally across the world.

The services such as SEO, language translating, writing, Graphic designing, developer, video editing, niche services, resume designer, UI and UX designer, online advertisements, infographic, and many more.

When you are a user sign up you may encounter different verification processes on each platform such as Fiverr provides an easy verification process while Upwork takes a long time for verification.

If you have any of those skills and want to offer to a large number of people outside your home country, then join the community and earn money by helping them in their business.

I have also been a member of Fiverr and Upwork and my business is doing great if you can manage time to deliver the project on time to your client and meet their satisfaction so recommended to join the platform.

It will take no time to turn your customer into your client.

Why Sharing Economy Companies developing everyday?

These days everyone wants to make money by letting the foot outside, that means work from home.

The culture is old, but people and employees moving to make more passive money from two side, one is passive and another is active.

It is easy to join the community, but like every process, it will take time to grow and patience to have maintained the great service and keep updating to the new ideas that love your clients.

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