What are the Uber Driver Requirements

What are the basic Uber Driver requirements?

1.If you decided to become an Uber driver and don’t know the initial steps and requirements, so I am here to guide you. You must be at least 21 years of age or older with a 1 year of driving experience.

You must’ve 3 years of experience if you are 23 years and want to become an uber driver in US.

2. I hope you already know that you must have a valid driving license and a clean background history in driving. Without a doubt, no one would like to hire a driver who has a poor record in driving.

3. Your background should be clean, no criminal related records, Uber is strict while choosing their partners.

I never heard anybody who has a bad history and still clears the application process.

4. A car, your condition of a vehicle, it should be good. A well furnished, polish car having 4 open doors and have seats for 4 passengers not including the driver.

5. You should have insurance of a car on your name however if you are driving for someone else still you should have on that insurance, it’s pretty significant.

6. Models of the car vary from cities to cities some city requires 2001 or newer, some 2003 or newer, or 2007 or newer. 2001 is the base year, for example, Houston demands a 2007 car or newer model.

7. You also need an iPhone 5 or newer model of iPhone, and an Android version 4.0 or newer than the 4.0 version.

I have made an article to a newly become uber driver, a perfect guide to understanding the algorithm of uber that how it works.

Tips to increase and well maintain the rating.

How do you sign up in Uber?

Before signing up in the Uber as a driver, make sure you all the verified document such as driving license, car registration number, social security, car insurance, and car inspection.

You should have a valid driving license and a clear image of it because you need to upload. Click an image of a driving license which is visible.

Also, need to upload

car registration number in case if you are driving for someone’s else still you need to have a car registration number.

Insurance of a car is also very essential otherwise uber takes no time to disapproved your document. If you are driving for someone’s else car, still you require a name on insurance of that car. However, it wouldn’t difficult for you if you are driving your parents or wife’s car.

Car inspection and social security number, you need to put it. It requires while filling the form.

Uber driver requirements
Uber Driver Requirements

How to apply for Uber driver?

become uber driver

Let begin the sign-up process the above page is displayed, then you need to write down the name of a city where you want to drive uber. Choose your city or town where you want to be a driver.

Sign-up or apply as an uber driver

become uber driver

There you will see two options you need to select the sign up as a driver. It will automatically redirect you the next page to the procedure.

become uber driver

Put your accurate details, your exact name with a right spell as it written in on your documents.

Enter the current phone number, email id and your unique password for security, and chose your city name.

What are the Uber Driver Requirements

Here you can see four option with details, whether you want to the driver, taxi driver or non-driving partner.

UberTaxi is for the local driver that means even the local driver can connect to the uber and accept the request of riders.

If you own a car and want to hire someone to drive your car then chose yourself as a non-driving partner.

What are the Uber Driver Requirements

Here you need to upload all the documents, make sure all the pictures of a document are crystal clear so that there shouldn’t be any dilemma for Uber for verification.

When it comes to choosing the partner, uber is so choosy. Also, represent yourself as a professional who is committed to their profession. Drive more, earn more.

How to start driving in Uber?

After approved and verification of all documentation is done, then you will need to download Uber driver app from the play store or App store where you start getting the ride in the Uber. Uber driver app looks like this

become uber driver

Login the uber driver app to start your job as a driver.

Just go to the click on the top left corner and instead of offline switch go to online mode.

Whenever any nearby rider request for a ride you will get the notification, swipe the button and start your ride.

Luckily Uber linked your account to google map, and guide to the location.

Frequently Asked Question

1.What is the Uber insurance policy?

Uber insurance policy is covered into three periods i.e. available, en route and on a trip. Uber coverage the trip into these three phases.

1M$ for third party liability, and 1M$ for uninsured or under-insured motor injury, contingent comprehensive and collision insurance.

If you maintain the collision comprehensive on your policy, uber covers the physical damage of that car for any reason 1 thousand deductible but uber does claim you are not required to purchase the right to insurance.

I do recommend you go around uber shop and choose which will beneficial for you.

What are the Uber Driver Requirements

2.How will you be paid?

Uber payment is done on a weekly basis directly into your bank account.

However, you will also have an Uber card visa option for instantly transfer money to the bank account.

3.Can I rent a car?

In shorts, yes you can rent a car for uber driving, uber driver app gives you an opportunity for driving.

Chose your car and time for rent, pay for it and you are all ready to go.

4.How do I pay taxes?

Uber payment is calculated from the gross fare, toll tax, sales tax, city fees. Split the fare fees and safe rides fees.

You can also go to the uber dashboard section you get to know more about tax.

5.How many hours can I drive for Uber?

Uber only allows 12 hours a day for a driver to drive or to stay online.

After that, you are not allowed to go online for 6 hours. You will get the notification before the completion of 12 hours.

6.Can Uber driver reject the request?

In shorts, yes but do remember you also have to maintain your acceptance rate else you would lose rating.

I recommend you stay offline if you don’t want to accept the trip.

7. What if my rider mess or damage my car?

Rider responsibility is to maintain cleanliness in the car and treat you with respect.

If anything wrong happens then contact to help.uber.com. Uber will look after the issue and resolve it as soon as possible.

8. What if a rider forgot something in my car?

As a driver, you need to contact Uber first, Uber needs 48 hours to find the rider and connect with you.

In the meantime, you have kept safe the items. Two of you need to arrange a mutual place and a convenient time to return the items.

I suggest you always make sure to check the car before rider steps out from the vehicle.

9. I want to change my driving city?

Uber does not allow a temporary change in the city, if you want to switch the city, then contact the uber support.

They tell you about the requirements of that city and guide through all the process.

10.How long should I wait for the rider?

Uber always suggest the rider that only requests for the trip when he is active for a ride.

If a rider still keeps you waiting at the pickup up location then the driver having the full authority to start the waiting charges.

Cancellation fee would charge if a rider cancels the trip at the last moment and the driver paid for it.

Tips for the newly driver

Demands for the partner keeps on increasing in the market. Keep trying to maintain the rating of a trip because once your rating goes below the expectation, you may lose the access the of uber application.

Try to maintain the rating as much as you can, be professional on your appearance, committed to your profession.

Driving for the uber has one of the best profession for those who need part-time or full work. It permits complete flexibility to your schedules.

Best car for driving

Uber coupon for Existing user

Uber coupon for driver

A driver can also earn money by referring to another driver.

However Uber driver also has a free ride section where you can earn after your friend joins Uber as a driver and completed their first task which changes cities to cities.

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