Airbnb Host Cancellation Policy During Stay

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Family is ready to go, and you too.

Several months back you were wondering and looking for a room in Airbnb, and happy to get the favorite room listing in the Airbnb with all the necessary features that you were looking for.

The home-like feeling makes Airbnb great, and it becomes the first choice for everyone for vacation rentals, but rentals service has a dark side of cancellation during a stay or 2-4 days back before check-in.

Several complaints I have been found through most of the rentals service-based companies worldwide and their complaints are way too horrible. 

If I made a list of them, then you might stop taking service from Airbnb or any home-based service.

Coming to the topic, I remembered one story of Airbnb I read a long time ago.

Linda booked room months back on Airbnb to attend a friend’s wedding, everything seemed to be fine, but 3 days before the wedding, a notification popped in the mobile stating the room is no longer available for guests because host canceled the rooms at the moment.

Linda was frustrated, angry, resentful, and afraid of not attending the friend’s wedding at the right time, or she will miss the events. 

What worse could happen to Linda? She took a deep breath and booked the rooms from the competitor website, and she holds the grudge until the wedding ceremony is complete.

The ceremony is over, Linda tweeting and reviews ceremony is begun, she tweeted Airbnb and post the complaints to the forum and social media telling her story.

However, she got refunded and gave a negative view to the hosts, and from the host’s side, it was a family issue reason not to let her allotted room for those dates.

There are many stories in Airbnb you’ll find such things and problems instead of getting angry, calm yourself, don’t panic and relax.

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Airbnb Cancellation Policy for Host

If you are the host, first make sure and check dates before listing the property because someone believe in you for a big reason.

Manage your dates and never canceled for a stupid reason and let guests know if you have queries regarding rooms before guests check-in

I don’t need to say how much weight guest review holds in an online sharing economy business. Guests review either make you or break you.


60 million booking takes place in Airbnb, and 1 million during the summer vacation, and the cancellation rate of Airbnb is very rare, and we don’t know the circumstances and situations made host take a decision of canceling the booking.

Airbnb well aware of the guest and try to maintain a better experience for them and realized they are the utmost priority for serving room during vacation.

The negative impact can be destructive after two warnings, and Airbnb is pretty strict regarding the cancellation from a host, and yes, it does have a flaw – but with consequences.

  • Cancellation fee: Airbnb is gonna penalize you and take out money out of the next payment, the cancellation amount is $50 if you have to cancel before the 7 days or more, and $100 amount if cancellation is done less than seven days.
  • Automated review: There will be an automated review that says-the reservation is canceled before arrival, and it does cause some lack of trust, and guests don’t wanna room which may get cancel during a stay. 
  • Guest Review: Moreover, guests can leave their review and let the world know sort of their thoughts on the cancellation, and that is not something you want to see.
  • Calendar Block: Your calendar must be blocked, and you can’t accept another reservation just realized you are not gonna make income for those blocked dates.
  • However, Airbnb may be permitted one cancellation if you are a freebie, and then you cancel the second time you lose the ability to become superhost up to a year. If you cancel the 3 times in 12 months, then Airbnb holds the right to cancel your account or evaluate the superhost opportunity.

Airbnb Host Asked Me to Cancel

Often guests facing while going to stay before the stay, I want to narrate Marin’s story.

Marin booked a trip to France two days ago, and rooms have an instant booking option.

Marin booked the room, and the amount was charged from the credit card.

The host started to have a conversation regarding the stay, and clear all doubts. Everything was fine

But, the day before arrival, Marin got a message from the host asking to cancel the reservation because their family is going to stay on the weekend and make sure Marin that he can get a refund amount of service fee if  he cancels the reservation.

Marin did not want to cancel the trip, and if he does, then he may lose the money.

Similarly, kaminee faced the situation, her host asked to cancel the trip from her side because of the family stay.

Airbnb Host Cancellation Policy During Stay

The short answer to the question don’t.

If your host cancels the reservation, then refund policy will initiate automatically, and you will receive the refund within 5-15 business days depending on the location and payment method, the refund amount reflected in your account.

If your host asks you to cancel the reservation because they can’t accommodate anymore, don’t cancel by your side because the refund policy is different as a guest and a host, and you may not are eligible to get the full refund as per cancellation policy.

Instead of canceling yourself, send a cancellation request to the host to get a full refund including service fee.

  • Go to the trip section then chose the trip
  • Click on change or cancel the trip
  • Under cancellation, click Next
  • Put the reason that host asks to cancel
  • Did they ask you to host the reservation? Click to Yes
  • Request host to cancel the trip

If your trip starts within seven days, the host having the 24 hours to respond to your request. 

Otherwise, 48 hours to respond to the request. 

However, if the host accepts the cancellation request your entire amount appears to your account, or if they don’t respond, then you chose any other space to book for your stay.

If they decline, your host is letting you know that they can still host your stay.

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