Airbnb History that Nobody Knows

In the time of just a few short years, Airbnb has developed from a small online accommodation start-up into a global sensation.

Established in 2008, the company is now said to be worth US$35 billion, with over 60 million guests using the service.

Co-founders Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia devised the idea for the business while living together in San Francisco.

How Airbnb Started (Brief Airbnb History)

Most of the people travel and want to have a great experience that gives lifetime memorable moments if someone search on google 100s of online services, and hotel available to embrace the guests and tourist.

In the international market, Airbnb brought twist which transforms the service of staying, and sharing a room and change the view of international accommodation and traveling.

Airbnb history has a pretty amazing story of its establishment, the founder of the Airbnb was going for a conference in 2007 and unfortunately, they couldn’t afford the housing budget so two of the founder decided to rent out their apartment, so that could pay for the cost of the trip. This sparked the idea of renting an apartment.

However, the founder wanted to change the way of traveling and renting a place. That idea changes the way of traveling and given the new way of exploring. Later on, they partnered with Y Combinator and limited the offering.

They continue the expansion, operating internationally and eventually become the globally identified house renting the place and acquired by Accoleo.

In today date Airbnb operating more than 191 countries and running smoothly and assure the guests, and Airbnb host to never lost faith and it also interesting to know that Airbnb also renting the castle, a night in a tin for a day or a prolonged.

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Did You Know?

  • About 5.5 days spent by average San Francisco guests  and allocates up to $1,045
  • In an effort to pay their impending rent, Brian Chesky and his roommates rented out an air mattress on the living room floor. The use of “air” in the name is a tribute to the company’s roots.
  • Tokyo, Paris, and New York City are the most popular choice and favorite booking experiences for guests
  • 15.4% of issues Airbnb face the damage or falsifies of extra demand for money
  • In its first year of life, Airbnb hosted approximately 400 guests. Now, after 10 years, about 400 guests check in to an Airbnb every two minutes, that’s an amazing increase of 26,280,000%. Mind = blown.
  • Senior hosts are large in number and there have been 120% rise in senior hosts
  • Seniors are the fastest growing host and it also interesting to know 60 years of age host are proven to best hosts
  • Apart from Iran, Syria, Sudan and North Korea. You will find Airbnb all over the planet that consists 97.95 of the world
  • The most popular place guest move and stay on Airbnb: tree houses, igloos, furnished caves, lighthouses, yachts, castles, and even private islands

Airbnb Valuation History

Getting a flat in New York often appears high cost, staying at the world most popular cities it will gonna hole in your pocket. However, if you want to visit Big place at small funds, Airbnb may have a solution for your campaign. Explorer favorite choice is  Airbnb, and average Airbnb price is $80 so you may a great choice to find a perfect place for you.

Airbnb History

Source: Statista

Final thought On Airbnb History

About 2 million people stayed in Airbnb during the average night and you wouldn’t be surprised as Airbnb expanding to more cities and more senior citizen are ready to host the guests under Airbnb.Airbnb history,airbnb history,airbnb history,airbnb history,airbnb history,airbnb history


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