Airbnb Apartments Vs. Hotels

Accommodation the first problem occurs to a traveler or in a family tourist. We all have been there in some part of our journey, searching for rooms and managing to give the best comfort rooms to our family on tour.

It’s the century of technology and aware of what is right and what is wrong still we make mistakes.

Today we are exploring the Airbnb apartment, and Hotels services often the people encounter the problems while paying full money to the specific department.

I did already cover an article about 9 points about Airbnb Guide for Beginner traveler.

1.  Why does the problem occur after paying the full money

The root cause of problems is excitement, be precise do we really bother about the apartments before planning the trip in any part of the world, just swipe the images of hundred Airbnb apartment and booked the most beautiful pictures.

Such misunderstanding could happen to anyone who is not well aware of the traveling plan and first timer.

Therefore I suggest you, have enough research while making an outdoor tour plan.

Can Hotels images mislead you?

Yes, the pictures put a scar in a human’s mind, hotels images are too good, the way they put all the things in a systematic way.

I am not telling images always misleading most the hotels have excellent service and views.

2. Reviews

Reviews play a crucial role in renting rooms or staying in a hotel.  

In Airbnb apartment, you will find genuine reviews for the guest who has visited before you.

Beware from the fake reviews, while reading reports, make sure rooms have mixed reviews, 70% have superior or average and 30% have inferior, if the room has 100% best reviews then I suggest you ignore it.

In Airbnb, you will find most genuine reviews as compared to hotels because Airbnb gives vital to the guest reviews as well as host reviews for the guests.

Airbnb presents the most desirable rentals worldwide such as castle, rooms at beach site, a box and that’s what it makes different from random hotels.

3. Cook your own meal

In Airbnb apartment, host allows the user to cook their meals guest can do grocery and cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Guest can treat as home with certain rules.

In Airbnb apartment, a guest always forgets that it is not a hotel you may find hanging garments in the backyard, you may spot children playing around the playground if you don’t prefer it ask them respectfully.

4. People First Choice

Everyone first prefers a budget while looking for the rooms whether Airbnb apartment and Hotels apartment. Discount and offers on Airbnb is often seen while on Hotels any offers hardly will be found.

No doubt Airbnb have ample of choice if you are looking for the budget room and hotels have fixed price no bargaining, no discount and hardly found an offer.

Airbnb permits the guest to have a bargain with the host, Yes my friend you heard it right, bargaining is an ability and you have it you can use it for keeping the light money on your trip. Seek to decrease some cash from the room section of your budget trip sheet.

5. Is Airbnb apartment cheaper than Hotel

A combination of factor including ride sharing, flight, and hotels rooms have made our journey is more affordable than ever.

However, sharing economy helps the traveler to save money from trip. Before Airbnb price of renting a room causes us a small fortune, Airbnb service and price saving the money from the traveler pocket.

However, there are many ways of saving money during traveling due to the rise of sharing economy particularly the websites such as Uber, Airbnb, and Doordash.

The real question is how much Airbnb save from the hotel’s rooms. Airbnb apartment

Source: Statista

It quite clear average Airbnb apartment price is cheaper than the Hotel. Take one example of Berlin the average Airbnb apartment price is $65 while Hotel cost little high at about $118.

Despite some traveler prefer to choose the hotel to neglect the search for suitable Airbnb apartment because finding a suitable flat is also a task. Choose the apartment depending on the budget.

However, there is a flaw in both sides if you want to travel and maintain the budget.

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