9 Airbnb Tips for the beginner Traveler

Oh Darling, Let’s Be Adventurers.

Traveling and exploring the new places not everyone cup of tea, many of my friends ask me life is beautiful if you are travel vlogger, even you don’t require anything, pack the bags and explore the cities, meet diverse people and understand more about the different culture.

Airbnb Tips and Tricks

Mentioning the Airbnb tips for having the greatest first trip for beginner traveler. Nobody wants to spoil the mood during the first trip. Excitement is a part of our life and thriller make you alive!Airbnb tips,Airbnb tips,Airbnb tips,Airbnb tips,Airbnb tips,

Is it right? Do they even know the fundamental of traveling?

I guess No, behind the scene is different and it not everyone cup of tea, traveling requires research, traveler gives a lot of time in study and analysis before making an arrangement of exploring the next city.


As the article is all about the tips of Airbnb, you may choose other hotels for rooms according to your convenience. In order to save money, you first need to set the budget before exploring the new places such as flight cost, accommodation, restaurants’ food, spending money during the trip as well as general costs like Express train or cab.

Airbnb offers the rental accommodation that means there is something for everyone in Airbnb, get instant book but before booking any service first, you need check the reviews of the room and this is the best part of Airbnb, read reviews of other guests who stayed before, I promise it will definitely help you a lot of making decisions.

Read the Reviews

Do you know? Most of the Airbnb host set the house rules for guests. The guidelines and rules they put for the guests, you need to check that does it okay for you, if not then switch to other host.

Looks at the other places if you are not satisfied. If any places do not have any steller reviews I suggest you leave it, dig deeper into the reviews. I reserved a room in Airbnb, and that was an amazing experience inside the apartment only, the worst part was that it was far away from the main city.

Keep in mind, Airbnb is not an Hotel

Airbnb booking provides the renting services so keep in your mind that it’s not a hotel, if you see the washed clothes hanging in the terrace or some images of an owner of the house, don’t get mad. They are sharing the flat with you but if you have any dissent regarding the cleaning and something that you think is not okay for you, ask them politely.

can cook your own meals

Though you have to pay for the cleaning fee and service fee at Airbnb depends on a host to host. Seek to cook your own meals, looks at the nearby grocery store and buy the items for yourself and your family. I know after the exhausting day who would like to cook but try it but if you can;t then try to contact to host and allow them to prepare or arrange a meal for you. Hosts take care of their Airbnb guests. Cooking your own save your times and coins.

Contact the Host if you are late

Airbnb rentals service allows staying at someone else however if you could arrive on time, make sure you inform the host about your arriving time because might be they are waiting for you and such things considered as a kind gesture.

Personally, I contact them and gives all the detail before 24 hours of my departure such as my flight detail so that they evaluate the time of arriving and who knows when schedules get change. I remember I missed my flight and I had to go on a bus then cab with hectic traffic. I want to say out of a topic that never missed your flight. Clear all the detail of arriving and departure with your host.

Check the Airbnb Listing

The things mentioned in the listing are supposed to be given to you. Often they missed the shampoo and other small things. I suggest you carry these items along with you.

Honest feedback

Give feedback to your host because it will help the other guests to know about their service. Feedback should be honest and clear cut, no need to flatter and write about the only good things, do write about the things which required to be known to upcoming guests while request to book at Airbnb.

Feedback helps both ends, and honest appreciation is only benefits for the guests and host too so that they could welcome the new guests in their home and imorivment.

Follow the Rules

Airbnb set the rules for guests and host to maintain the discipline. If the things get break because of you then you need to pay the fees, so I suggest you maintain the reputation of yourself and be respectful and be right. Same goes with the host respect your guests, treat them with honor and admiration, takes care of their needs.

Talks with the people and Host

Searching on the internet for everything while traveling is okay but does it give the correct data than local people with experience? Communicate with the host because they could be a great source to get data about new places and history related to that place. Explore more, talk to the people, acquire their expertise.

Host Your Place at Airbnb stay

Airbnb Host can also get the tips to attract more guests to your place. Here is my complete guide full well research article to become a host.Airbnb tips,Airbnb tips,Airbnb tips,Airbnb tips,Airbnb tips,

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