5 Biggest Airbnb Competitors in Town

Renting a place is not a new a game-you can say Airbnb is the master and most popular player in this game.

Before assuming who is the best in the rental sharing economy, I want to clear it just analysis of Airbnb and its alternatives.

We don’t want our trips or vacation to get spoiled because the little messiness can ruin the entire fun.

A brief explanation of Airbnb’s alternative, how they are different from Airbnb and do they stand up to the mark.

How To Become Airbnb Host


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VRBO is the origin of renting a place online.

It was established around 12 years ago before the Airbnb.

A variety of properties has been listed in the VRBO and considered the best during winter and spring seasons.

VRBO established in 1996 and more than 1 million properties already listed in VRBO.

The primary difference is that VRBO only rented out the vacation properties.


Airbnb allows the host to list the apartments without any fee, but in VRBO host has to pay a yearly listing fee.

Airbnb allows the host or users to see the rating, but this is not the case of VRBO.


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  • Everyone loves when someone provides you the affordable service and clean your rooms now and then.
  • Airbnb is like a rental vacation where users can books homestays, and on another side, booking.com deals with hotel/accommodation and flights.
  • Airbnb allows users to have trips, and vacation-but booking.com does not deal with packages.

Airbnb is also the best player in the sharing economy department, 

…. and the way travelers moving every day to explore countries through Airbnb, and it works like a charm for them.

The reason I have listed booking.com because it perfects in hotel/flights and car rentals services.

You don’t know about Airbnb when the host mood got changed or a certain condition occurs, which makes the host cancel the rooms.

In such a condition, you have to be prepared, and booking.com can be considered a good choice.


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Flipkey and Airbnb functionality are similar.

Flipkey is owned by the TripAdvisor that holds the power of rental and traveler experience around the globe.

Flipkey efforts to provide the great rental experience to the traveler and work to make traveling much more easy and safe.

TripAdvisor is a traveling forum around the globe, and one of the most genuine reviews platforms of traveling users can found there.

Flipkey helps the property owner to list their property and earned money from their site.

And Airbnb property owners can rent the empty room, and places or units of their house, to guests.

Because of the host presence or those guests who try to avoid them and looking for more private space, move to FlipKey.

House Sitting

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House sitter is a practice whereby an owner leaving the home for a particular time, and allow another party to stay and take responsibility for their home and pets.

House sitters must take care of maintenance, garden, keep checking the mailbox, and everything should be neat and clean.

Everyone loves to have a free stay and provide the service and get paid.

House sitter is allowed to charge from the owner if providing more extra services such as taking care of pets.

The host is supposed to charge in Airbnb, and House Sitting is the place the host is supposed to pay.


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Onefinestay provides good service over Airbnb.

However, Airbnb is a rental place where a host is served everything and allowed to live in the empty apartment of their room.

This is a basic structure of Airbnb.

Onefinestay gives services like hotels, you can have a housekeeper or receptionist to call and ask for something that you need.

In other words, onefinestay has fewer customers than Airbnb-but rather than an attempt to focus on services and quality accommodation facilities.

Final Thoughts

Airbnb has more popularity, and customers- it has made the base strong- but often Airbnb has a lot more to improve to make the guests visit more comfortably and conveniently.

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